Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center

Connecting people with nature while promoting a sense of environmental stewardship through natural science educational programs.

Birds of the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center

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The Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center, located in Oyster Bay, was established in 1923 as the first Audubon Songbird Sanctuary in the nation. Twelve acres were donated by W. Emlen and Christine Roosevelt in memory of their cousin, the late Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. The Sanctuary’s original purpose was to provide a protected environment for songbirds whose populations were declining due to habitat loss. Today, it is a vibrant resource offering a wide variety of activities, including environmental education, wildlife research, and conservation advocacy.

The goal of the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center is to provide high-quality effective environmental education programs to all audiences. Using hands-on, experiential, and inquiry-based methods, program participants will develop a deeper understanding and consideration for our natural world, gain a sense of stewardship for their local environment, and become informed decision-makers for the future. The science-based educational programs are geared to promote a better understanding of the natural world and how the quality of life is affected by what happens in nature. An appreciation for the importance of conservation and stewardship is instilled in each program to ensure a healthy planet for all.

Please note: Our raptors have migrated to new homes at expert care facilities as we reposition TR Sanctuary as the hub of Audubon New York's work within the Long Island ecosystem.
If you would like to see resident raptors please visit our neighbors at Volunteers for Wildlife


Volunteer With Us!

We have many volunteer opportunities at Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center.  From helping with our education programs to trail work and planting native gardens, there are many ways to get involved and help out at the Sanctuary.  Click here to view our volunteer brochure for more information about ways to get involved.  Email Kathryn D'Amico, the Volunteer Coordinator at for a list of our current opportunities.

The Goats are Here!

Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center will host about a dozen goats this summer as they are brought in to control invasive plants on the Sanctuary grounds, primarily English Ivy. Audubon New York has received a grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to aid in controlling the ivy on the Sanctuary grounds. The ivy is so thick on parts of the property that hand-pulling and traditional mechanical controls aren’t feasible and goats have proven to be an effective means to eradicate invasive plants without the use of herbicides.

The goats and fencing will be provided by Green Goats of Rhinebeck, NY, the same company that provided goats for the Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon
Society and NYSDEC project at Underhill Preserve, as well as the North Shore Land Alliance project at the Humes Property, both last year.  In addition to being safe for the ecosystem, the goats are quiet, clean and contained with state-of-the-art fencing.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed to help care for and feed and water the goats during the summer,
especially on weekends. If you are interested in volunteering for this project please contact Kathryn D’Amico at
(516) 922-3200  or email