Working Lands

Grasslands: The Bottom Line

Results matter.

Protecting and restoring grassland habitat is one of Audubon New York’s top conservation priorities. Today, more than 2,500 acres have been enrolled in New York State’s Grassland Landowner Incentive Program, and Audubon New

York is working with partners to restore and maintain grassland habitats on hundreds of acres of public lands. Bird populations are beginning to rebound: studies show a five-fold increase in Bobolink populations on Audubon New York project sites compared with non-conserved grasslands. Private landowners are utilizing our education workshops and technical assistance to learn assessment and site management skills and to identify available conservation funding resources and opportunities. Audubon New York is helping people and communities discover just how practical and rewarding conservation can be. Every preserved or created grassland demonstrates a commitment to preserving New York’s wildlife heritage. Together, we can achieve conservation at scale.

When birds thrive, people prosper. Ecosystems recover. Economies grow. Quality of life is enhanced. Together, we can pass on New York’s rich natural treasures to new generations.