Working Lands

Grasslands: Connecting Birds, People & Communities

Creating a network of protected private and public lands.

Audubon New York is committed to conserving and restoring natural ecosystems for the benefit of birds, other wildlife, people and communities. We’re partnering with private landowners, public land managers, businesses, state and federal agencies,

Audubon chapters, and local partners across New York to restore lost grassland and shrubland habitat by:

  • Securing state and federal funding to provide financial support to private landowners to develop and implement grassland and shrubland management plans;
  • Working with private landowners to modify haying practices to allow ground-nesting birds to breed successfully;
  • Planting a healthy mix of native bird-friendly grasses and other plants and removing invasive species;
  • Connecting open spaces to create larger fields and unfragmented habitat;
  • Cleaning up fence lines and woody corridors to minimize predator access to nesting birds;
  • Controlling shrubs and woody vegetation in fields; and
  • Keeping vegetation protected from overgrazing by livestock.

More on Planting for Birds

Native planting and the removal of invasives is one way that you can help.