FM Magazine: Audubon New York

Hear Audubon New York's Executive Director Erin Crotty speak about the importance of birds to our ecosystems.

Published by Fresh 102.7
November 3, 2016


Audubon New York’s mission is to conserve and restore naturalecosystems, and focuses on birds to protect them and their habitats which benefits our humanity as a whole, and the earth’s biological diversity.

“What’s good for birds is good for people, said Crotty. “If we protect our environment, if we make sure there is clean water, that improves the quality of life for people and also for birds. It’s a good indication that the biodiversity is in balance and healthy.”

Ms. Crotty also discussed the impact that a changing climate will have on the bird species.

“Our scientists found that over half of the species in North America will be negatively impacted by a warmer climate,” said Crotty.

 “Audubon is quite focused on making sure that the habitat the birds have now continues to stay protected and high quality, identifying the areas birds will need in the future, but also working at all levels…to ensure that everything is being done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Audubon also offers educational programs that teaches environmental awareness to school kids, and helps them develop an appreciation of nature through classroom lessons and field trips.

“For the Birds! is an embedded environmental elementary program for 2nd to 4th graders.. We are in 20 locations, all 5 boroughs, 65 classrooms, and we’re engaging 2500 kids,” said Crotty.

“We have 6 centers and sanctuaries throughout New York State, a partnership with Prospect Park… the Audubon centers are a gateway for people… to learn more about our work and how people can engage in protecting the habitat of birds and other wildlife, and just simply to enjoy nature.”

Audubon recently held its 2016 Keesee Award luncheon at the Metropolitan Club in New York, honoring champions of biodiversity, including Christopher Kim Elliman, CEO of the Open Space Institute; and biologist and author, Dr. Edward O. Wilson.

Audubon New York is part of the Audubon Society, and leads a network of 50,000 members all working to protect birds and their habitats through science, advocacy and conservation programs.

 “Protecting the environment is in the DNA of New Yorkers,” said Crotty. I know where in the busiest city in the United States, but there is some remarkable nature surrounding us, and we’re very lucky to have it in this heavily populated area.”

For more information and to get involved, visit and @audubonny