Original story posted in The Finger Lakes Times by Chris Kenyon

April 5, 2015

At first, the 14-foot white python was the main attraction at the Wildlife Defenders program held March 28 at theMontezuma Audubon Center in Savannah.

Then, out came the Marine toad, which resembled a small pizza. While that reptile drew some applause, the armadillo worked the crowd like a pro. When balled up it resembled a round puzzle with pieces that fit together perfectly. Put it on the floor and it opened up and immediately walked away.

These unusual animals are part of an outreach program that is presented to local libraries and other organizations. It accomplishes two very important functions: educating the attendees and rehabilitating brain-injured presenters.

The Wildlife Defenders is a wildlife education program run by the members of Bridges for Brain Injury, all survivors of brain injuries and people with disabilities. As part of their rehabilitation, the defenders provide up-close-and-personal, live-animal encounters with school children, youth groups, and community events.

For more information, visit bridgesforbraininjury.org.