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Audubon New York Supports Passage of the Ocean Acidification Task Force Legislation

Executive Director Erin Crotty comments on the impact ocean acidity can have on shorebird species.

Albany, NY – November 29, 2016 - The following is a statement from Erin Crotty, Executive Director of Audubon New York, the 50,000 member state program of the National Audubon Society, supporting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signing of the Ocean Acidification Task Force legislation into law.

"Audubon New York thanks Governor Cuomo for signing into law the Ocean Acidification Task Force legislation. Like plants, our oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Increased levels of carbon dioxide emitted from human activity impact our oceans by causing them to become increasingly acidic which can have a dramatic impact on some calcifying species, including shellfish, sea urchins, and corals. When these species are at risk, the entire food web also becomes jeopardized, including birds. Long Island’s ecosystem, including Long Island Sound, is globally significant for priority bird species, including Piping Plover, Roseate Tern and American Oystercatchers. Thank you to Assemblyman Steve Englebright and Senator LaValle for sponsoring this important legislation and shepherding its passage."

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