For the Birds! Long Island

Long Island is For the Birds!

Long Island is For the Birds!

Audubon New York has expanded their state wide For the Birds! program to Nassau County!

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The mission of For the Birds! (FTB!) is to provide elementary students, grades two through fifth, with a multi-session, interdisciplinary, hands-on educational program that complements the school curriculum, encourages a desire to learn, and promotes an appreciation of nature and a stewardship ethic through the study of birds. Using birds as the teaching tool, students learn about adaptations, keep a journal for nature observations, and get a chance to improve local habitats. For the Birds! is a well-rounded curriculum that is aligned to New York State’s learning standards in science, social studies, math and language arts.

For the Birds! was developed by Audubon New York in 1997 to serve schools in the New York City area. Since then, the program has expanded throughout New York State. For the Birds! embraces place-based learning and encourages a sense of pride in one's own community. Gaining knowledge of the local environment empowers students to take an active interest in protecting the land in which they live.

One-hour lessons are taught by a team of Audubon staff from the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center along with specially trained Audubon volunteers. Classes are designed to be taught both in the classroom and outside, right in your school’s neighborhood.

For the Birds! is made a debut in schools on Long Island in Fall 2011. The curriculum focuses on local birds that call Long Island their home, along with important habitats throughout Long Island. This program is designed to make students aware about native wildlife that can be found right in their own backyard. Following in the footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt, our Conservation President, FTB! opens the minds and hearts of youth to caring for nature.

To schedule your For the Birds! experience, please contact Julie Nelsen, Education Coordinator at 516.922.3200 ext. 25 or at

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