Audubon New York Annual Birdathon

A day of birdwatching statewide with the staff of Audubon New York.

Eastern Bluebird Photo: Dolan, Flickr cc

What is Birdathon?

Birdathon is an important annual fundraising event that involves all of Audubon New York’s staff along with their supporters, bird watching for a continuous 24 hour period and collecting pledges from generous sponsors like you! While is it isn’t necessary to bird watch for the full duration of 24 hours, there will be various activities for participants to join at the different offices around the state. To learn more contact the location closest to you!

2 Ways to Participate:

Join a team- Teams throughout New York head our on various days during a week every spring to do their Birdathon. Choose an Audubon New York office nearest to you and call or e-mail to join us! 

Contact us at (518) 869-9731 or

Birdathon takes place annually in mid-May; stay tuned!

Support a team- Pledge your support to an individual or one of the teams that will be out in the field counting birds during the month of May. Pledges can be based on the number of species seen, or you can pledge a flat amount. Click here to donate to support a Birder or just Audubon New York Birdathon in general!

Photos from the past Audubon New York Birdathons:

Marsh Wren
Baltimore Oriole
Red-bellied Woodpecker

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