Public Engagement

Public input has been extremely important to the successful restoration of Onondaga Lake.

In 2004, Honeywell, in partnership with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), created a working group with local habitat, conservation, and community organizations to gather opinions and perspectives on the Habitat Restoration Plan during its development. Community input also has helped shape the Geddes Lakeshore and is providing a vision for the Southwest Lakeshore.

The Onondaga Lake Visitors Center, which was designed and built by Honeywell, provides the public with access to the significant work taking place by hundreds of scientists, engineers, and skilled craft laborers from this region.

As the cleanup continues, Honeywell will continue to engage the community for input.

In July 2012, the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps was founded with the goal of inspiring future stewards of Onondaga Lake and its watershed through an experience-based program that offers citizens and organizations the opportunity to participate in activities that help restore and sustain the Onondaga Lake watershed and its value as an Important Bird Area. Conservation Corps partners include Audubon New York, Montezuma Audubon Center, Onondaga Audubon Society, Parsons, OBG, Anchor QEA, Bond Schoeneck & King, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Habitat Gardening in Central New York, and Honeywell.

To keep the public informed and involved in the cleanup, DEC established the Onondaga Lake Community Participation Working Group (CPWG), which offers opportunities for community input and ways for the public to receive information.

The public also is able to access information through fact sheets, electronic newsletters, an annual summary of activities, and the DEC and Honeywell Onondaga Lake websites, which provide up-to-date information about the progress of the cleanup, community health and safety commitments, and air monitoring data.

Honeywell Hometown Solutions®, Honeywell’s corporate citizenship initiative, also offers Central New Yorkers innovative programs designed to inspire the next generation of innovators and scientists.

Onondaga Lake Visitors Center
Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps

Onondaga Lake Visitors Center

Plan your trip to the Visitor's Center along the shoreline of Onondaga Lake to see firsthand the significant work that's taken place.

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