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NYSERDA's Proposed Wind Energy Area Draws Comments from Audubon New York

Additional assessment of potential impacts on birds through new and useful data urged.

Audubon New York has submitted written comments on NYSERDA’s RFI 3396 entitled, “Metocean Campaign for the Proposed New York Wind Energy Area.”  As more fully detailed in the attached comments, Audubon New York urges the NYSERDA to take full advantage of the opportunity presented by the metocean data collection effort to gather new and useful data on birds in the proposed New York Wind Energy Area. 

Any future offshore wind development must be preceded by a robust and thorough assessment of potential impacts on birds and Audubon New York looks forward to working with NYSERDA to ensure that such an assessment is accomplished in the coming months and years.  We look forward to continued engagement as additional steps are undertaken by NYSERDA to assess potential impacts on birds and ways to avoid or minimize those impacts. 

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