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Bird watching is big business in New York!

Birds Mean Business in New York! ...and you can help show it

Did you know?
Bird watching is the fastest growing outdoor recreation in New York and across the country, and one that contributes billions each year to state and local economies.  According to the Fish and Wildlife Service, in New York alone 3.8 million people watch birds and other wildlife, and generate approximately $1.6 billion in ecotourism revenue annually.

To show this economic trend first hand to businesses and municipalities across the state, Audubon New York has launched the “Birds Mean Business” campaign. Thanks to the TogetherGreen program, through this Initiative we’ve created business cards that birders can leave behind with local businesses in the places they visit to watch birds to show that birders are bringing in the bucks!

Click here to read the press release on Audubon New York Launches New Initiative to Highlight Economic Impact of Bird Watching; Encourages Ecotourism Promotion






The purpose of these cards is twofold:
1) Highlight the economic impact of ecotourism locally and show just how many people are traveling throughout the state to watch birds;
2) Inspire local businesses, chambers of commerce and tourism promotion agencies to stand up for open space protection in their communities and develop new strategies tomarket themselves as destinations for bird watchers and capitalize on this growing stream of revenue.

Birders: Find out how you can show that Birds Mean Business!
Businesses/Chambers: Has someone left you these cards? Click here to let us know!

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