Audubon New York leads the Charge to Protect Snowy Owls

Audubon NY urges Port Authority to halt shooting birds and institute non-lethal control methods immediately.

After news reports of lethal controls of Snowy Owls at JFK Airport, Audubon New York has been working tirelessly to ensure this action is stops and non-lethal control measures are pursued.  Progress is being made, but you can help keep the pressure on the Port Authority to ensure snowy owls are protected. 

[doc:194741|link:Click here for Audubon’s press statement on the lethal control of Snowy Owls]

[doc:194771|link:Click here for Audubon’s Action Alert on how you can help!]

[doc:194776|link:Click here for Audubon’s Letters to the Port Authority and DEC.]

How you can help, right now