February 2019 | New York News from the Nest

We are committed and ready to advocate for New York's birds!

Dear friend,

Here at Audubon New York, we are optimistic about the year ahead. Together, we have a strong voice for birds. The Legislature is now back in session in Albany. My colleagues and I are committed and ready to advocate for New York’s birds, people, and environment.

On January 15, Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address and Executive Budget Presentation. His proposals seek to tackle some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time; including combating climate change, protecting our water and coast, and improving forest resiliency. 

With your support, we look forward to helping ensure these critical proposals are enacted into law. We are grateful to have you as a conservation partner, helping us protect the natural resources and places we - and all birds - need.

Read more about Audubon New York’s latest initiatives in our network news below. There are always opportunities to get involved. I look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,

Ana Paula Tavares
Executive Director
Audubon New York




This New York banded American Oystercatcher was recently spotted on the west coast of Florida and reported to a member of our shorebird conservation staff. Orange YF7 (pictured above) was banded as an adult in 2017 at Nickerson Beach, NY, where it breeds. If you’re headed to Florida or the Caribbean this winter, please keep an eye out for banded shorebirds! Learn more about bird banding and how to report bands here.