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Free Landowner's Guide to Improving Forest Health

Start here and take steps to improve forest habitat for birds, other wildlife, recreation, and more.

A healthy forest is intact; diverse; composed of multiple age classes; provides ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, flood control, and water filtration; and supports forest birds and other wildlife.

Not sure what all of this means? Managing Forests for Birds: A Landowner's Guide can help!

Despite the fact that 63% of New York State is forested, forest birds are in decline. The way we manage forestland can significantly influence bird populations, as well as provide ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, enhancing water quality, and reducing flooding.

Included in the Landowner's Guide:

  • New York Priority Forest Areas
  • What is Quality Forest Habitat?
  • Types of Habitat for Forest Birds
  • Planning Forest Management to Improve Habitat
  • New York Priority Forest Birds
  • Resources for Forest Owners

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