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Grants Awarded to New York Audubon Chapters

Small grants awarded to the Audubon chapters in New York State will be used to fund unique conservation projects.

Congratulations to the nine Audubon chapters in New York State who will be receiving Chapter Collaborative Funding small grants to carry out exciting new projects in their communities this season.

On Long Island, as spring comes into view, Audubon chapters are gearing up for the planting season. North Shore Audubon, Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon, and South Shore Audubon Societies will all be using grant funding to install native plants for birds at partner sites including a museum, a school, a library, and a local park.

In Central New York, Onondaga Audubon Society plans to install a Motus Wildlife Tracking System at their sanctuary to help study movements of small animals such as birds and bats along the Great Lakes. In the North Country, Northern New York Audubon Society will enhance their visibility with updated outreach materials with their chapter’s fresh new logo and look.

Bronx-River Sound Shore Audubon Society will expand on their existing “Learn Birds are Cool in School” program at Mt. Vernon Schools, and continue their ongoing bluebird trail and banding work. Bedford Audubon Society plans to embark on a study of the Asian longhorned tick and the possible connection to birds as vectors, and Rockland Audubon Society will be developing marketing and promotional materials to help expand their chapter’s programming and outreach in their community.

Last but not least, a special congratulations to Saw Mill River Audubon Society, whose leaders received the Norm Shapiro Collaborative Grant Award for their proposed project. Saw Mill River Audubon leaders will be embarking on a Climate Change Boot Camp initiative, engaging their five neighboring Westchester area Audubon chapters as well as local elected leaders in addressing climate change on a local scale. This project embodies the legacy of the award’s namesake, Norm Shapiro, a chapter leader with Orange County Audubon Society and a founding member of the Audubon Council in New York State, who helped create strong connections between all pieces of the Audubon family, from local Audubon chapters and state programs, to the National Audubon Society. Each year, one grant that illustrates this collaborative spirit is awarded in Norm’s honor.

Congratulations to Saw Mill River Audubon, and to all the grantees for advancing conservation projects and helping connect people to Audubon!

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