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July 2018 | News from the Nest

Many updates to share as we begin our new 2018-2019 program year!

Dear friend,

June 30th was the final day of our 2017-2018 program year – fiscally speaking – and what a year it was! We educated students, landowners and beach-goers about ways they can take action for the benefit of birds, we installed hundreds of bird-friendly native plants, and we continued to be the voice for birds, advocating for environmentally-sound policy decisions.

June also marked the end of New York State’s legislative session, and we saw success on one of our top priorities, a bill making state-owned lands in the towns of Argyle, Fort Edward, and Kingsbury in Washington County subject to taxation, which will facilitate public acquisition and protection of critical grassland habitat in that area by eliminating negative impacts on local tax bases. We also saw progress on two bills for which Audubon New York advocated that would ban offshore drilling and protect Atlantic Menhaden from overfishing. More updates on our legislative priorities can be found here. 

To those who continue to give generously in support of Audubon New York’s work, those who are active in their local communities on behalf of our beautiful birds, and those new friends who are learning about all the ways we protect New York’s natural resources for birds and people – we thank you. Your generosity makes our science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation work possible.

Below you will find more updates from our statewide network.

Best regards,

Ana Paula Tavares
Executive Director
Audubon NY and Audubon CT
VP and Senior Advisor to International Alliances
National Audubon Society





A coastal field technician engages with beach-goers to encourage them to Share the Shore with birds.

Be a Good Egg is an outreach initiative that is implemented by Audubon staff, chapters, volunteers, and other conservation partners. We strive to reduce human disturbance threats to coastal birds by raising awareness and encouraging people to “share the shore” with birds while visiting the beach. With your help, we can protect New York’s beach-nesting and migratory coastal birds.Join us today by pledging to Be a Good Egg!