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September 2018 | News from the Nest

This month was a very exciting one for New York State!

Dear friend,

Fall migration is well underway for many birds, as our visiting warblers and other migrant species depart to their wintering grounds.  Soon, species such as the iconic Snowy Owl will also fly south, returning to us from Canada to find more favorable food supplies during the winter months. As part of the Year of the Bird, September’s featured action is to help birds have a safe migration; click here to find out how.

A major defense in place for migratory birds is the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), but this law is currently under attack. Changes being made to the MBTA by the Department of the Interior threaten waterfowl, raptors, and songbirds. Audubon and New York State are working hard to protect this important law through community engagement and by filing litigation.

This month, New York State proclaimed 2018 the Year of the Birdrecognizing that the forests, waterways, and coasts of New York are critical habitat for a variety of threatened and endangered bird species. During this centennial anniversary year of the MBTA, we are proud to partner with our state’s leaders and community members to keep New York at the forefront of environmental conservation.

Below you will find more exciting updates from our statewide network. Thank you for your commitment to conservation.

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Ana Paula Tavares
Executive Director
Audubon NY and Audubon CT
VP and Senior Advisor to International Alliances
National Audubon Society





OCAS native planting event. Photo: Kelly Knutson

Fall is the perfect time to start planning for your garden and incorporating more native plants! Orange County Audubon Society recently held a bird-friendly planting event in Middletown, NY, and even installed Plants for Birds signs. Explore the best plants for birds in your area and find a nursery near you using Audubon’s Native Plants Database.  Click here for details on an upcoming native plants summit.