Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps

Support the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps

Help us to continue to protect and conserve the natural resources of Onondaga Lake.

The Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps provides the opportunity to make a lasting impact in Central New York. When you join the Corps, you become part of one of the largest environmental restoration projects in the country.

Bald Eagles, Common Mergansers, Northern Harriers and Pied-billed Grebes -– it is a marvel to witness the return of a host of migratory birds to Onondaga Lake! These and more than 100 other species of birds now grace this Audubon designated Important Bird Area and remind us of how vitally important the lake is for birds and other wildlife.

Progress has been achieved through community dialogue and partnership, and now you can invest in Onondaga Lake’s future as contributing members of the volunteer organization. By sponsoring the Corps or offering your time, your team can become environmental stewards who help protect and support the resurgence of Onondaga Lake.

Your contributions will always be gratefully received and very much appreciated! With your support, the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps will continue to engage hundreds of community volunteers to plant native trees, remove invasive species, monitor restored habitats, and lead educational programs for hundreds of Onondaga County students.

We look forward to your continued friendship and support of the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps.


“The Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps provides a great opportunity for our employees to engage with members of the Central New York community. Several of our technical experts have enjoyed sharing their knowledge with community members of all ages. Others have chosen to bring family members to volunteer as stewards. In both cases, the Corps contributes to employee satisfaction, which helps with recruiting and retaining top talent.”

– Christopher Calkins, Senior Vice President at OBG


Since the beginning of the cleanup process I knew I wanted to be involved, and the Conservation Corps has given me the chance. As a lifelong resident of Geddes, it’s not only great to see the change, but it’s also gratifying to be a part of it.”

- Paul Marconi, Volunteer Participant

Support the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps.

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