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Where to Buy Bird-Friendly Maple Syrup in New York

What words come to mind when you think of maple syrup? Think birdier than "sticky" and "delicious" -- how about "bright red" and "full of song"?

Maple products come from forests managed in very different ways. By purchasing Bird-Friendly Maple syrup, you are supporting producers who are committed to managing their forests in ways that benefit an incredible variety of nesting songbirds, including Scarlet Tanagers, Wood Thrushes, and Veeries.

Look for the Maple Managed for Birds label the next time you buy maple syrup! If you really want the perfect breakfast, sip on some Bird-Friendly Coffee too!

Bird-Friendly Maple Producers

Producer Town Contact Email Website
Boulderfield Farms Brant Lake Steve and Sara Mullins  
Fairbanks Maple Forestville Megan Macintyre   Facebook: @FairbanksMaple
Giffin Road Maple Canton Ian and Becky MacKellar   
Home Farm Maple Amenia

Tilly Strauss Instagram : @HomeFarmMapleSyrup

Honeybee Hill Natural Sweeteners

Valley Falls

Mike and Jessica Kehn  
Mapleland Farms Salem Mary Jeanne Packer 
Sapwood Farms Dryden Sean Carter 
Sunnyhill Farm Arcade Norm Ameis   
Uihlein Maple Research Forest Lake Placid Adam Wild  Uihlein Maple Research Forest | Cornell Maple Program 

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