Prospect Park Audubon Center

A partnership between Audubon New York and the Prospect Park Alliance.

Birding in Prospect Park Photo: Virginia Freire

Birds of Prospect Park

The Prospect Park Audubon Center is a partnership between Audubon New York and the Prospect Park Alliance, forged in 2000. The first urban-area Audubon Center in the nation, it is a place of active discovery with hands-on exhibits, live animals and the Alliance’s innovative programming for children and adults. The Prospect Park Audubon Center is housed in the park’s historic Boathouse, a landmark building surrounded by acres of carefully restored natural habitat and trails.

Families and children can enjoy nature programs and learn about the park’s ecosystems through the Prospect Park Alliance’s Pop-Up Audubon programs, which take place in different natural areas of the park April through October. You can also borrow a free Discovery Pack, filled with items such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, nature journals, and games like scavenger hunts and bird bingo, to help you explore the Park on the go.

Prospect Park is ideal for birding, with more than 240 species spotted each year. Approximately half of Prospect Park’s 585 acres is woodland, the last remaining forest in Brooklyn. Prospect Park is a hotspot for migrant songbirds during spring and fall migration, and also supports a large diversity of waterfowl and resident birds throughout the year. Prospect Park has been designated one of New York’s 100 Important Bird Areas.

Please visit the Prospect Park Audubon Center website for more information and directions.