Ways to Help

Where birds thrive, people prosper.

One donation can impact an entire ecosystem. 

Least Tern
Least Tern Photo: Dan Pancamo, Flickr cc

With your support, we can continue to ensure that birds thrive and survive for generations to come.

You may be asking yourself how you, one person, can make a difference. The answer is that every single person, and every single donation can make an impact. We’ve put together a list to help show some of the ways your donation can be used by Audubon New York to bring conservation to the communities across the state and hope you’ll consider making a donation or getting involved today.

$5 — Pays for laminated guides for one student on the For The Birds! Program

$10 — Help feed the turtles at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center

$15 — 20 pairs of work gloves for habitat improvement and native garden projects

$20 — One spade shovel or rake for trail and habitat maintenance

$30 — One set of plastic canoe paddles, needed for invasive species removal as well as school and public canoe programs along the state

$35 — One post hole digger

$45 — One canoe seat, for our invasive species removal projects along waterways at the Montezuma Audubon Center

$50 — One pair of children’s snowshoes, for them to take part on activities on the Montezuma Audubon Center

$60 — Waterproof IPad case for saltmarsh work and outdoor classroom activities at the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary

$75 — One demo garden or habitat sign

$100 — Three sets of camera batteries for our scientists to document the birds

$500 — Two trail cameras and SD cards, so we can observe the birds without disrupting them

$1,000 — One spotting scope and tripod for seeing the species we work so hard to protect

As the leading voice for birds in New York State, Audubon New York protects a seamless web of conservation that spans beyond our great state. We protect birds at every point of their lifecycle while conserving and stewarding critical habitats that birds need now and in a warming climate of the future. We also foster bird-friendly communities in rural, suburban, and urban areas and advance solutions to some of our state’s most critical conservation issues. We work with members, volunteers, and partners in the communities you care about most to ensure a healthy ecosystem for all and individual donations are critical in our effort to advance our work and mission.

Donate today and let's build the future together.