Leadership Birdathon

A morning of birdwatching with Audubon New York's Board and expert birders during the peak of spring migration.

Yellow-throated Warbler Photo: Simon Tan/Great Backyard Bird Count

Each spring, led by birding experts, we search Central Park to count as many birds as we can. Located in the heart of the urban metropolis, Central Park is an Audubon Important Bird Area with rare habitat that is known to host up to 270 bird species during spring migration. Please click here to support this year's Leadership Birdathon. 

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Burns at (518) 869-9731 or eburns@audubon.org

Photos from the 2017 Leadership Birdathon 

Black-throated Green Warbler
Red-eyed Vireo
Magnolia Warbler

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Photos: E. Burns