Ways to Help

Ways to help

Membership to the National Audubon Society

Thank you for your interest in the National Audubon Society. Audubon in New York has been active in promoting the protection and proper management of birds, other wildlife and their habitats through advocacy and education. Through a statewide council, thirty-two local chapters and a sanctuaries system, National Audubon Society of New York State is providing conservation leadership with campaigns on birds, forests, wetlands and wildlife on local, state and national levels.

Membership benefits include invitations to sanctuaries, as well as free admission to nature and education centers located across the country, where you can see birds and wildlife exist in a protected natural environment. Your local chapter will keep you abreast of pertinent issues and events through newsletters, invitations to chapter meetings, wildife programs and other outings. Plus you'll receive Audubon magazine and the Audubon Advocate - a publication of the New York State Office - as well as member discounts on books, gifts, collectibles, Audubon tours and more!

Use the navigation links at left to explore opportunities for you to get involved with Audubon New York conservation and education programs.

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